Tuesday, September 9, 2008

catching up

whew, for some reason, it's been difficult to get blogging lately! so, i'm posting a variety of photos taken of harper in the last two weeks.

helping to fold the piles of laundry that are generated by this tiny little peanut on a daily basis!

sleeping with mommy in mommy and daddy's bed when it's really too early to get up, but she won't go back to bed in her own crib. not a good habit to start...

hanging with daddy

i love bathtime!

three generations with the sailer family crib- an antique that was used for generations on mommy's side of the family. this no longer holds sleeping babies, as it is not up to today's standards, but all the dolls that nana collects.

introducing...harper houdini! how this little one manages to wiggle her way out of her swaddle on a nightly basis is beyond us. this is typically how we find her when we walk into her room- at least one arm and both legs out, but the velcro straps still intact. she just wants to stretch those twiggy limbs!

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